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Pronunciation of my name:

First of all, I don't mind people mispronouncing. In this multicultural valley, most of the people I work with (and also attending San Jose State Univercity) are foreign born with an accent. Nobody expects proper pronunciation. For those interested, here is how to pronounce it:

The accent is always on the first syllable in Hungarian. My name in Hungarian is Szoboszlay Ákos.

My favorites

Restaurant: Krung Thai (Winchester at Moorpark, San Jose). The best Thai food in California. Best restaurant (among all types of food) in Silicon Valley. It's authentic (real Thai owner and cooks). As hot as you want it. (First timers ask for "mild."). And, it's not greasy. CAUTION: There is another Krung Thai on Winchester, at Forest Ave., which is awful. I talked to the original owner "Charlie" and he said his wife devourced him and got that restaurant.  Avoid that. 

Local Park: Grant Ranch County Park (halfway to Mt. Hamilton), great for mountain biking.

My boycott list (try to avoid products made in or by the following):

General Motors Corp. - for buying up and destroying streetcar and electric train systems for the purpose of forcing people to buy automobiles. [More info]

China (mainland) - for human rights violations, and selling products to America that are often unsafe. Recent examples: imprisoning people who legally (even according to its own laws) started a political party. Selling crayons for children in the USA which turned out to be toxic.

Chevron - for massive pollution in Ecuador which they never cleaned up. Then, they used endless stonewalling tactics and fighting in courts to keep from paying for the clean-up. Most effected or poor rural native american people who's lands they polluted, and who face the consequences such as polluted water and food supply (e,g. their pigs taste like chemicals).

Shell Oil - for massive pollution in Biafra, and arresting, sometimes "disappearing," anyone who protests (by paying millions to the dictatorship of Nigeria for using police-state tactics on protesters of its pollution).

Union 76 (Unocal) - for confiscating land of the Karin people that it wants for its oil pipe, then enslaving the villagers, putting them in concentration camps and forcing them to manually build the earth works for its pipeline. Union 76 is too savvy to use it's direct employees, so it pays millions to the dictatorship of Burma to do its dirty business.

Exxon - for drunk driving on a massive scale.

CalWrite: phonetic English

I wrote a plan to phoneticize English: spell the way you speak. I welcome anyone, especially a linguist, to take over this important project to save billions of human hours annually worldwide.

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