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I'm an electrical design engineer by profession. My resume is on the web:  akos.us/resume. I wrote this technical article, Low Noise Design Techniques.

How to contact me (Akos Szoboszlay):

email: szoboszlay@xyzakos.us [delete the "xyz" from the email address; it's an anti-spam technique.]
phones: (deleted to avoid robo-call harvesting).
web site (this page):  akos.us
location: I live in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley), California, USA.

Some of my articles

Low Noise Design Techniques

I enjoy travel. Here is my Spain 2013 trip report which contains links to slideshows of the trip.

Conflict of Transportation Competitors and many other transportation articles. See links along top of this page and more info below.

Some of my interests, accomplishments, etc.

First, to see slideshows of my travels: Use a large display and click this link:
akos-fotos.smugmug.com. Click xx for instructions or the help icon.

I enjoy mountain bicycling both locally and bicycle touring in third world countries.

See incredible pictures of "pedestrians prohibited" from sidewalks, bus stops, pedestrian paths, "bicycles prohibited" from the "bike lane" and prohibited electric trains. The quotes are actually what the signs said or still say.

I served as president or vice-president of the Modern Transit Society (MTS) and was also newsletter editor of Guideway, from 1982 to 2003, and wrote about half the articles. I was vice-president of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and edited Spinning Crank, for one year. I wrote many articles about bicycling and transportation economics. I was the primary author of the Free Market for Transportation Plan and am the author of Conflict of Transportation Competitors.

I successfully lead the fight for the repeal of all bicycle prohibitions in Santa Clara County (California) on arterial roads named "expressway". My effort to repeal pedestrian prohibitions has been mostly successful. As a result of my effort, sidewalks became required along all expressways by the County Board of Supervisors, in 2009 [See details]. My efforts resulted in construction of about 10 miles of sidewalks on Lawrence Expressway and is gradually increasing along other expressways.

Earlier, at my request, the County Supervisors in 1991 put a stop to the highway engineer's practice and future plans to destroy bike lanes and sidewalks when adding more lanes for automobiles, and required pedestrian paths along all expressways [which County highway engineers never complied with].

In 2003, I had great successes again, in a new policy by the County Supervisors that support pedestrians on shoulders and paths, and a modification of the Sunnyvale ordinance that allows pedestrians on shoulders and paths. Details are in the Expressway topics, links page. For a comprehensive report I authored, see Analyses of Pedestrians along Expressways. See why I was so involved in the struggle for the rights of pedestrians and bicyclists.

In the early 1980s, I was a leading advocate, through the Modern Transit Society, for the successful return of light rail transit to Santa Clara County.

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