Why I will not go back to the Roman Catholic Church

It's not the pedophilia.

It's not the coverups of the pedophilia.

It's taking action that would result in more pedophilia.

Known pedophile priests were simply moved by bishops or cardinals to unsuspecting parishes after being accused in one parish, and by making false statements that the pedophile would go to a monastery, or otherwise never be in contact with children. Here are two documentary films that show that:

The basic problem is that pedophilia, in the preachings of the Church, is no worse than masterbation. Both are mortal sins, which is the maximum sin. The life-long harm to the victims is ignored by the pedophile and their enabler bishops, except when legal action is taken or threatened. In contrast, masterbation, which is actually beneficial and necessary for normal development, is placed in the same category as pedophillia: a mortal sin. The Church has these sex acts totally backwards. If the Church was a person, that person would be considered either mentally sick and/or deranged and/or evil.

Why I quit the Roman Catholic Church

I saw an X rated movie, so I will go to hell.

I used a condom, so I will go to hell.

I had sex with a consenting adult when I was unmarried, so I will go to hell.

I masturbated, so I will go to hell.

I left because of the above (even before most news exposing the Church's pedophillia). The Roman Catholic Church was

The above lies are bad enough, but now we find out that the priests and bishops themselves never believed any of it! They are hypocrites.

Worse, while claiming that masturbation is hideous (even today!), they are involved in sexual practices and cover-ups that are truly hideous, and outright crimes! Here is the proof:

A newly discovered Vatican document from 1962 not only officially sanctions the cover-ups of pedophilia by priests, but actually requires it, along with keeping the existence of the document a secret. The "juicy" portions are quite well hidden inside, and it even has a misleading title, having to do with the sacrament of confession.  Even revealing the existence of the document will result in excommunication "ipso facto" or automatically, and presumably the person will go to hell.  Only the pope himself can remove this excommunication.

The document is downloadable (1.8 MB) from this page at CBS News.  In case the link was changed, or the documents removed, I copied it to my web site. Clicking the next links will download the .pdf file for either the English or Latin version.

Priests committing pedophilia/ephebophilia are effectively encouraged to have sex with children, raping those unable to defend themselves, as a result of being given fresh victims at a new parish whenever the parents of one parish catch wind of the pedophilia/ephebophilia. The new parishioners are never informed. The prior parishioners know only because they informed themselves.

The cover-ups actually were worse than the initial pedophilia/ephebophilia. They perpetuated it. Pedophilia/ephebophilia would have stopped by just dismissing the assaulters upon their first such act.

Instead of their official perverse policy damaging children outlined above, they should just let their priests (and everyone else) masturbate.

-Akos Szoboszlay