Spain trip, 2013

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The slideshow links will open Google Picasa in your browser. For best viewing, the browser should take up the full screen. (Horizontally, photos are 1600 pixels so HD TV is also good.) I recommend using the space bar, to pause, and then using the right arrow, for next slide, because the default timer is too fast. (Alternatively, moving the mouse will bring up the slideshow controls.) Altogether, there are 284 photos which will take about half hour to see.

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Silicon Valley to Toledo

Toledo Play slideshow

Mérida Play slideshow

Cáceres (day trip) Play slideshow 

Sevilla Play slideshow 

Cádiz Play slideshow 

Arcos de la Frontera (day trip)  Play slideshow 

Olvera Play slideshow

Donostia Play slideshow 

Barcelona Play slideshow

General observations: Beards


My observations that are verified on the internet

Grammar details for "hot" (Americanese) or "sting" (translated from Mexican or Magyar)

Things to see and do on next trip to Spain 

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