Low Noise Design

Design of low-noise analog and servos, solving problems in existing designs

Circuit board, system or product level

Located in Silicon Valley (near San Jose, California Airport)

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Akos Szoboszlay, BSEE

Low Noise Design

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Glossary (in order of appearance):

PMT = Photo Multiplier Tube

APD = Avalanche Photo Diode

PD = Photo Diode

Quad sensor = circular flat sensor with 4 large photo cells for use with a laser beam

Used in a servo loop to keep the beam centered in two axes even if the quad sensor (or a mirror or the laser) moves.

PSD = Position Sensing Device.  Similar to Quad sensor with the same basic equations, but uses resistance instead of current.  

Unrelated: This is also the acronym for Power Spectral Density.

RTD = a platinum based temperature sensor. This type provides the highest accuracy temperature measurement.

Servo = Feedback Control System for high accuracy (precision) and fast response time.

Servo loop compensation = Used for stabilizing the servo loop and to achieve the required accuracy in the required time, by one of these:

(1) analog electronics (compensation networks), (2) firmware or (3) FPGA implementing PID or modified PID, or (4) changing PID constants.

PID = Position, Integral, Differential, which are constants (numbers) that greatly effect the servo loop accuracy, response time, and stability.

stabilization = Prevent oscillation, excessive ringing, and saturation.

characterization = Testing the product to obtain (measure) characteristics that can be published in a data sheet or sent to a potential customer.


Article by Akos Szoboszlay: Low-noise design techniques

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